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The people who want to disappear to a tropical heaven will find all that they need in Punta Cana. This lovely stretch of shoreline in the Dominican Republic is honored with fabulous sea shores like El Cortecito and Bávaro, great fairways and a warm, heat and humidity that is continually washed in daylight.

Lie under the shade of a palm tree while your family or companions jump. Partake in the intriguing mixed drinks of Caribbean rum and tropical natural products while the sun sinks underneath the skyline. Kayak or pontoon in the astounding Dominican Alps, or drive to Santo Domingo to find this matchless city.

Punta Cana is great, most importantly, to loosen up and relax. You choose if you have any desire to spend a functioning excursion or absolutely get a tan and loosen up in quite possibly of the best objective in the Caribbean.

Top 5 motivations to visit Punta Cana
1. The top notch heat and humidity
Punta Cana wouldn’t be what it is without its heavenly environment. Beyond storm season, the retreats are for all time washed in daylight, with temperatures scarcely plunging under 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

2.Dolphin Island Park
In this family recreation region you can swim with dolphins, in the organization of master guides who favor the relationship with them without worrying them. The shows are constant and tomfoolery is ensured.

3. Islands to appreciate
This Dominican district is encircled by fundamental and lovely islands, for example, Saona, on the bank of the territory of Altagracia, which is essential for the Parque Nacional del Este. Ideal for respecting the local fauna and vegetation, particularly jumping, it is joined by other alluring journeys, like the Caribbean island of Catalina, in the south of the area of La Romana.

4. Altos de Chavon
Altos de Chavón is a wonderful town based on the most elevated piece of the Chavón River. It houses the Cultural Center, the National Archeological Museum and the City of Artists, making it fundamental for visit them to absorb the nearby culture and style.

5. Native Eyes Ecological Park
The Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park is a confidential safeguarded region overseen by the Ecological Foundation of Punta Cana. Comprised of subtropical swamp woods, it offers shows that mirror the normal and social history of the island. It is comprised of twelve tidal ponds where you can take a reviving swim.

What to do in Punta Cana
1. Appreciate special sea shores
Brilliant Caribbean sea shores have large amounts of Punta Cana, among which Playa Bávaro sticks out, which started as a neighborhood for laborers and, as it was found, developed to become one of the operational hubs of Dominican the travel industry. It has postcard palm trees, delicate white sand, ocean side bars and a protected swimming region because of the reef.

2. Practice water sports
Punta Cana is a superb objective to attempt water skiing, wakeboarding, swimming, plunging or parasailing. Organizations had practical experience in this sort of thrilling undertakings and water exercises proliferate, like Dressel Divers Bavaro or Ultra Marine Divers, at truly reasonable costs.

3. Play golf before the ocean
The presentation of golf in the Eastern Dominican Republic is moderately later, however an ever increasing number of courses are accessible, particularly connected to organizations like Iberostar and Corales. You can take courses and contend in contests at a decent cost. A portion of these courses are situated inside lodgings, like the Punta Blanca (perhaps the most incredible in Playa Bávaro), the Barceló Bávaro Palace or the Club Med Punta Cana. Among the free offices, the Cocotal Golf and Country Club, planned by José Gancedo , is an incredible decision.

4. Enter Hoyo Azul
This regular well, situated around 24 kilometers south of Punta Cana, needs simple access, so employing master guides is ideal. It offers a wonderful stroll among old stone carvings and remarkable timberland settings. When there, you can swim in the tidal pond, investigate the close by caves or on the other hand, if you truly think it wise, send off yourself on a 100-meter-long zip line through the thick woods.

5. Experience the Dominican evening
Punta Cana isn’t the most epicurean city in the Dominican Republic, yet it is ideal for margaritas or glasses of rum at places like Drink Point. Then, you can go out merengue or whatever comes up until day break, at such extraordinary clubs as Imagine Punta Cana and ORO Nightclub.

Where to eat in Punta Cana
In the event that you know how to pick a decent lodging, eating in Punta Cana is a joy, with master culinary experts from everywhere the world. There are additionally a few extraordinary free cafés, similar to the Captain Cook at El Cortecito, which has the best lobster around, the Jellyfish Beach Restaurant, for fish and mixed drinks, and Mathilda, whose customary Dominican dishes are great. The typical is

The best weather in Punta Cana tends to be in late spring, between March and May, when you can enjoy more than 21ºC per day, little rain and no risk of hurricanes. Tropical storms are frequent between June and December, although they tend to pass quickly; while the high season, between January and April, receives the massive arrival of North American tourists who invade the beaches looking for sun in winter.

How to get to Punta Cana
By plane
A wide range of airlines serve Punta Cana International Airport, so it’s not hard to find affordable flights. It is located on the outskirts of the city, about 8 kilometers from the center, but there are different transfer services at affordable prices (from RD$208.77, depending on the destination) and most hotels include this service between its benefits.

by car
Some travelers choose to fly into other airports in the Dominican Republic, rent a car, and drive to Punta Cana. In fact, staying in Santo Domingo and driving east is an easy option, thanks to the recently built highway from La Romana to Punta Cana. Punta Cana, which connects with the highway to Santo Domingo.

By bus
If you are in Santo Domingo, you can also travel by bus to Punta Cana. Expreso Bávaro and other companies make this journey in less than three and a half hours, from around 410 RD$ per ticket.

Where to stay in Punta Cana
Visitors to Punta Cana have all kinds of accommodation at their disposal. Thus, the city is surrounded by tropical resorts with spas, golf courses, private beaches, gyms and swimming pools. Among the best are the 5-star Grand Bahia Principe Punta Cana and the impressive Be Live Collection Punta Cana. However, there are also more intimate options, such as Guesthouse Caribe Punta Cana. If you are looking for a complete resort experience, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana is the best place to stay, with 13 pools and a golf course. In general, the most common price range for one night in a double room is between RD$7,607 at the Ocean Blue & Sand and RD$22,218 at the Iberostar Grand Hotel Bávaro.

Popular areas in Punta Cana
1. Bávaro is one of the most popular and attractive tourist areas in Punta Cana. Located around a tropical lagoon, it is ideal for swimming and water sports. It is home to some of the main resorts in the area, including Now Larimar Punta Cana, as well as some of the best golf courses, such as Cocotal Golf & Country Club and White Sands.

2. The main attraction of Uvero Alto, which is located a few kilometers north of Bávaro and Punta Cana, is the beach. It is usually less crowded than those in the south and includes beautiful palm trees and good bathing areas, making it an ideal destination for family holidays. Vespa and The seafood paradise are good examples of highly recommended restaurants in this area.

3. El Cortecito, to the south of Bávaro, has a very long and sandy beach, as well as a lively atmosphere with great cocktail bars such as Soles Chill Out Bar.

The average cost for most everyday items in Punta Cana
shopping roads
Punta Cana needs huge retail plazas, yet every region of a retreat for the most part incorporates interesting ocean front keepsake shops. In the event that you’re in Bávaro, don’t miss Celine La Perla Dominicana, a high quality stogie plant. There are likewise private ventures, for example, Plaza San Juan Shopping Center and Palma Real Shopping Village, which incorporates extravagance stores and Western eateries, like the Hard Rock Café.

Food and others
The vast majority of the places of interest close to Punta Cana incorporate stores. Practically every one of them are packed in Bávaro, including Super Lama and BAM Market. Costs are normally modest: a decent jug of wine costs RD$380; and an imported lager of 33 cl, just shy of RD$150.

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